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Instructions For Fixing Leaky Basement Walls.

This article explains how to fix leaky basement walls. A considerable amount of damage can be caused when water leaks into the basement of any property.Visit foundation repair contractor The dampness is also an encouragement for the growth of mold. Spores from the mold may be damaging for the health of people living in the home, and it may be necessary to employ an expensive contractor to eliminate it. It is, therefore, most advisable that any problems with water leaking into the basement be resolved as quickly as possible. This article shows how to fix leaky basement walls.

A leaky foundation wall is quite a common problem for homes with basements, especially older properties. The leaks may occur for some reasons, and it makes sense to identify and eliminate the source of the leaks before doing any repair work inside the basement.

In some cases, the leaks may be caused by plumbing problems, in which case the homeowner may choose to call in a plumbing contractor. However, in the majority of cases, the cause of the problem is inadequate drainage around the home. This must be corrected by ensuring that the downspouts, along with the soil grade around the home, carry water away from the walls.

Start out by inspecting the drainage around the property. After it has been raining walk around the building checking for places where water has puddled near the house. Particularly look in places where leaks have been seen inside the basement.

It might be necessary to correct the soil grade around the building. The soil should slope away at an angle from the building’s foundations, so that any rainwater flows away from the house, rather than puddling against the wall. The desirable slope may be built up with either sand or soil, and then rake down ensuring that it slopes away from the building. foundation repair contractor

When a suitable slope has been constructed, it can be covered by landscaping plastic. Place a 3-foot wide strip of this plastic around the home. This can be held down by a layer of either sand or soil, about 4 inches in depth.

It may also be advisable to extend the water drainage away from the downspouts. Short lengths of drain line or pipe may be used to carry water out of the downspouts, and away from the foundation wall of the house.

At this point, it is now possible to repair the wall itself. This will require a hammer and chisel, hydraulic cement, and a good quality commercial sealant. Wearing proper safety equipment, such as eye goggles and gloves, is most advisable.

The hammer and chisel should be used to open up any cracks/voids which are identified in the wall. Debris can be removed using a small brush. The cement can then mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then applied to the cracks or voids. When the cement has properly cured, apply the sealant to the wall.

Water leaks into the basement can cause a great deal of problems for a homeowner, and the problem should be corrected as quickly as possible. First, eliminate any drainage or plumbing problems, and then patch up the wall itself.