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Ingredient with plant based substance

Another ingredient of eliquid is vegetable glycerine. Similar to PG, VG is safe, so there is no worry about suffering from the certain health issues when choosing the product made of this ingredients eliquid. Unfortunately, many of us get wrong about e-liquid so that is why they still take the time to consider choosing e-cigs or not.

VG is also used as aprovider for the nicotine and also flavors in e-liquid. For sure that there is no worry to use this product, you can read what we provide in this article.

Sometimes VG is made from coconut or palm oil. Simply talk, this is a plant based substance. Of course, it is not limited from coconut or palm oil only, so you need to know the detailed information about the ingredient of your e-liquid by asking the seller before making the purchase. Water is another ingredient of most e-liquid products regarding its brand.