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Best Wealth Formula For You

One of the more important things about any network marketing company and one that’s frankly often overlooked is the product being sold-not just the business opportunity as seen in cash formula. Many companies just sell the money making opportunity and don’t focus on the product they are selling.

No, I’m not even talking about the so-called “cash gifting” opportunities that have no product at all; I’m talking about fully legitimate network marketing companies that just have a product basically to say they have one. It doesn’t provide any benefit to anybody and solely exists to make the company legal.

So what is the product with this company like? First off, you have to pay six hundred dollars for it, and it is all about how to make money online, as the name would suggest.

In my estimation, you could get the same information on being an affiliate for a lot lower prices than six hundred dollars, and be very wary when you read about how great the product and opportunity is. I’ve found that most people raving about it are trying to get you to sign up underneath them, as they are Perfect Wealth Formula distributors.

Likewise, most people who seem to hate the opportunity are trying to get you to sign up for another opportunity. The reason you can trust this review is I have no affiliation with the Perfect Wealth Formula or any other company out there; this is just my honest opinion about them based on several years experience in the network marketing industry.

Therefore, the product is so so, but what does it take to make money with them. One thing you need to know is if you try and market the generic company website you receive upon paying the money to join, you won’t make money.

Forget what they tell you, because, to make money with this company (or any network marketing company) on the internet, you will need your website, sales copy, and auto responders.

The reason is, there are hundreds of other distributors for the Perfect Wealth Formula, and by promoting the site they give you, you are directly competing against hundreds if not thousands of others, and you have no chance of making this work. The key is to be different.

You don’t even need a website, in all honesty, as you can also try offline advertising. For this, you might put an ad in the paper, have them call a prerecorded message, and give them the same info would have been on the website.

Then, in the end, you ask them to leave their name and phone number so that you can call them back and follow up with them. True, the Perfect Wealth Formula claims you don’t have to call people, but in reality, if you want to succeed in network marketing, you do have to.