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Installation Process of Superior Glass

When you use our home window repair service of Superior Glass to fix your window that has been damaged, it is important to know the order of the installation process. Misinformation could lead to trust issues, so, we will explain every step that we take in the installation to make sure that our goal of your satisfaction is achieved.

First, the glass of your window that cracked or chipped will be cut from the frame and then removed. This step is important because we don’t want to make a further damage to the frame. Break the glass will be harmful for our worker and you, so cutting it is the best approach that we take.

Second, the glazing beads will be removed and glass is taped in order to protect the surrounding areas when we do the removal process. Safety is our priority, so we take extra care to dodge any possible harm.

Third, new silicone is laid and applied so then new glass of your windows is set. This silicone will seal the glass to the frame and will give the glass of your windows more protection from draft and moisture. A good silicone is important, because sometimes the chips and cracks that occurs to the glass is because the poor quality of silicone seal. We guarantee that we only use the best material, so you don’t need to be worry.

Fourth, we will apply new glazing beads and replace the vinyl. This beading process is important to prevent theft that could happen when the glass is not glazed for it will be easier to remove. Then, we take our time to the final check to make sure that everything is in order and you’re satisfied with the results.

The last but not least, we do the clean up because we know how messy the process will be, and we don’t want to add your problems by cleaning up the mess that we made. Visit us at